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This On Being podcast was definitely close to my heart. The reason why this topic was so relevant is because I am an American Orthodox Muslim who vaguely understands the conflict in the Middle East. In particularly the conflict amongst the Palestinian and Israeli people which is not really addressed in the main media, besides of a few stories relating to the Gaza strip. This show brought light to my understanding of the perspective of a Palestinian man whom resides in Israel who consist of a dual identity, whom seeks peace within his home state of Israel.

Mohammad Darawshe is a Palestinian man who has an Israeli passport and is a citizen that resides in a city near Nazareth. He is a mulsim citizen within a Jewish state who is an active participant of bringing awareness to inhabitants within the Jewish state as well as the world, about improving relations between the Israeli arabs and the jewish people. During the time of conflicts between Israel and Lebonon, he constantly felt torn about whom he sided with due to feeling caught between the two. His dual citizenship allowed to be empathetic to both sides. This occurrence opened my eyes allowing me to realize that there is not only hate that takes place within the Middle East, but there are also individuals on both sides who want peace through being active and talking amongst several inhabitants about changing their mindset to a more positive and progressive outlook of life towards each other.

Even though he felt compassion for both sides of the conflict, the Israel military does not feel the same towards them. His perspective of having unity amongst the arabs and the Israeli jews are not felt by all jews. When arab towns, including his, are under attack from other arab rockets, the Israeli army is not willing to protect them, even though they too are citizens. This is very difficult for Mohammad to understand, but this does not deter him from working towards peace amongst all people who reside within the jewish state.

Within this podcast show, I learned that not everyone feels as if the only way to victory is through violent acts, prejudice outlooks, or hateful speech whom inhabit the Middle East. Both sides are at war over political agendas and religion preferences, but there are those whom want to see peace and harmony on both sides. I personally believe in peace and have before I converted to Islam five years ago, so I could not really understand why people constantly fight within this region of the world. This show allowed me to understand that there are those who are active, enlightening others about alternative options besides war in order to solve differences.