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I have often thought about the obsessive nature of humans and something new -like, technology in our everyday lives. I truly believe in framing it in a more positive light. These are the 'adjustment days'...I believe. Yet, there is a very good chance that we will indeed lose touch with parts of ourselves that are more silent, more inherent to who we are.

I am a painter. A painter quite used to closing the studio door, and accessing those oft forgotten pieces. What I found myself doing in recent years was making paintings of people outdoors. In touch internally, with the living, breathing life force found Out Side. This came upon me unawares. There's a truth to this for me. When I lay on the ground, I feel comforted and protected. I find myself watching things like ants travel by. Birds soaring overhead. All kinds of cliched images can come to mind. But it's real. My paintings became journeys for me. A record of interactions of images seen, unseen, felt. How often do I slow down enough to pay attention to this? This is a question I ask myself all the time.

It's all about the balance. I don't feel technology is the evil beast. I personally need it to send my work out, for example. To share my journey in paint, and hope that it touches others in some way. It fosters conversation. And yes, there comes the moment when it isn't necessary. When do I turn it off? When can I recognize that now, it's empty viewing.. without purpose? A difficult moment to decipher in light of my rationalizing ways. It takes practice. It takes patience to understand that lightening fast speed doesn't happen in paint. Or, in life.