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'Alive Enough' was a really interesting broadcast to listen to. Sherry hit on a lot of topics and how technology has affected and changed people a lot in ways that I have never thought of. A good example of hers is with students while they are at school. Students could tell when their phones were ringing even if their phone was in their locker and nowhere near them, almost like a phantom limb. I for sure can't tell when my phone is ringing if it isn’t on me because to me I really would have no way of knowing, but I can relate with thinking and feeling my phone vibrated and I go to check it and it never did vibrate.
Sherry also talks about how with computers originally people wanted them for address books and calendars, which works for all the different kinds of people who like variety. I had never thought about that as an original use for computers. Today some people work well with paper and having everything written down, yet others like all of that with on their computers or their phones, just technology over paper is better for them. Personally, my address book and phone numbers are all on my phone and if I lost my phone I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone, yet I keep my calendar on my door in my room. My work schedule and everything is on there and I refer to it every day to see what I need to be doing. A lot of people have that on their phones so while on the go they know what they need to be doing, but I like it all in one place.
She also talked about how children see things differently today. She told a story about her daughter when they went to visit the zoo and they saw a turtle sleeping and her daughter stated that the turtle could just be a robot. It didn’t matter to her daughter if the turtle was alive or not. A robot would have been alive enough to do the job of a sleeping turtle. I found it very interesting that a child thought of such a thing.