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During the show Sherry states that we are letting technology shape us and it is affecting our attention, our relationships and our sense of reality. Says our technology (ie: cell phones) are almost another limb of our body. Which I find to be valid, I never go anywhere without my phone.

She says that the internet is still in the baby stage, it still has a long way to come. I am sure that this is true. The internet has advanced so quickly over the last decade; it is wild to think about how much things will change in the next ten years.

We don’t seem to have a taste to stop and ask “how can we make technology work for us”.

They are working on having robots provide care and/or companionship for the elderly or children. The question is are they alive enough to do these types of things? After doing studies and asking people Sherry found that kids don’t think that it is important for these things to be alive. She thinks that this is quite disturbing. I also see where this is an issue because computers do not have emotions and I feel that to provide care for children and elderly people there needs to be emotion.

It is not just the kids on their phones all the time it is adults and parents too on their phones at the dinner tables. It is hurtful for the kids because they feel that they are not getting the attention that they need form their parents if they are the ones on the phone all of the time. It is important to set boundaries for the use of technology and make time with your family and friends.

After interviewing children Sherry found that eye contact with parents is very important to kids. Kids crave attention from their parents and she saw kids on the playground begging for their parent’s attention and they were on their phones. THIS IS SAD TO ME. These parents are leading their kids to feel lonely and they are setting a bad example for them as well.

Don’t take your phone all of the time when you leave the house. Give yourself a break from your phone and Facebook. We are living the “only on” life style. It is important to be alone in our head and to think for ourselves instead of always being influenced by others all of the time. We seem to expect more from technology and less from each other. People are interacting with each other less and less in person.

For all of these reasons I think it is good to be proactive because technology is growing more and more and it is a good thing to be aware of the effects that technology has on our lives.