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I'm 74, writing my memoirs because of a MacBook. When I was a child with a radio, a Mother who worked and a grandmother who didn't communicate, it wasn't better. When I was a Betty Crocker Mother in the 60's and 70's with just a tv and a hi-fi, we didn't communicate any better at the dinner table. Life was hectic, a struggle and not meaningful. I have seen a grand child in a video from Kindergarten. Photos of grandchildren on blogs. I can compose music because of a keyboard, take photos. Upload something creatively meaningful to YouTube. (Better than a tombstone, I say) Today's culture is about sensation. The media wags the dog that once had hope, "Hey Joe, let's see that car wreck again!" "Let's see Nancy Reagan trip and fall 12 times." Thank goodness for Krista Tippett - you aren't on Prime Time - Now, that WOULD make a difference. The 6:00 O'clock News with Krista Tippett delivering unto us something about our moral compass.