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I remember how much I used to love sailing on the Pacific because, even though we did have a ship-to-shore radio we were out on the water, with the wind and the sea. There was something of the same feeling at the family cabin in the High Sierras where there was no telephone, no radio, and certainly no TV (I don't have TV). I wrote about this in my book The Litany: A Game in Time and Space. Probably today there would not be the same solitude because people would have cell phones. Back then I didn't even have a lap-top, although we did have a computer at home, an Apple II+ which would be called a desktop today. We bought it used from an architect. It was originally 48K and we upgraded it to 64K. So far I have owned more than a dozen Apple computers. (I used to be a computer programmer and college professor.) I am due for an upgrade of my cell phone, and was considering going from a dumb phone to a smart one, but when I see all the people on the train chained to their devices (every single person on the Metra is looking at a device in their hands) I'm thinking of keeping the dumb one. Yesterday in a screening I noticed the tiny screen of a woman down in front. I couldn't imagine what could be so compelling as to keep her from the start of the film. Once I saw two girls sitting across from each other at a booth in a restaurant, texting across the table. But my real problem is trying to get off Facebook. I enjoyed it in the early stages but found some of my "friends" posted everything they did all day, so that I knew more about their day than really necessary. Also when I visited their town (my hometown L.A.) they had no time to see me. I have done everything I could think of to say goodbye to Facebook, but they do not seem to understand "unsubscribe." I specifically asked them to stop sending me e-mail messages. Now what they have chosen to do is send me half a dozen e-mail messages from people whom I do not know: every day. Surely there must be some way of stopping this behavior. Do you have any ideas?