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I write a blog. Before I started, I'd never even read a blog. I wondered who had time for them. But then this opportunity presented itself and I began. The blog has been being birthed for almost a year now and it has truly taken on a life of its own. Not only is it, post by post, presenting a portrait of the lives we live as artists up here in the mountains of northern New Mexico (on the High Road to Taos), it is also doing what I dearly hoped it would: it is inspiring others to reflect on their lives. As I look deeply at the life I am living and the lives of my friends, people I've never met before have begun to examine theirs.

One reader wrote to say that, because of reading the blog, she'd come to understand that the job she was doing, in the company she had started decades before, was no longer satisfying. She was working with people she didn't like, doing work she didn't enjoy. So she took a pay cut and went back to the people she enjoyed, doing the part of the job she'd always liked. Wow. And this came about because of technology that many are wanting to vilify.

The internet is in its infancy. And while we must, as has always been the case, figure out how we are going to live; whether we will let this tool be a blessing or a curse, the internet has an unimaginable potential for human connection as well as for the disconnect we fear.

Here are some links to give you an idea of some of the issues the blog takes up: