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I am really sorry to see there is so much hostility towards cell phones, facebook ie technology. In my life, without cell phone contact at a crucial moment, a close relative's health crisis would not have been helped in time. I dread to imagine how it might have ended had the person I contacted unplugged. I am grateful they had their cell phone in hand and were able to rush and help.

With the help of facebook I am able to have at least some contact with my cousins, nieces, nephews scattered all over the world. I can share and participate in milestones in life even when time and finances won't allow to attend in person. A simple text message many a time has saved hours of worrying and anxiety. Skype and Chat have forged bonds when none would have been possible because of distance.

I wrote letters when I first came to USA to my relatives in India and by the time I wrote or received replies, the topics were no longer relevant; the moment of decision for which a piece of advice from a parent or a sibling would have helped, had long passed!!! We needed to book 'trunk calls' and wait for a couple of days to be connected to talk a few minutes over scratchy phone lines!! It is so much easier to share photos via e-mail and facebook vs the days it took to develop, make copies, mail and hope they reached without getting lost. There is joy in sharing things instantly even when miles separate you.

Its the little moments that build memories : I love the voice of a loved one and so often the only way I can hear it is on the phone; sharing a small private joke or just finished painting online, an impromptu photo taken and mailed using cellphone that connects and brings a smile even miles away.

I want this technology, want to use it wisely and hope to be there for a loved one in time of need.

PS: since privacy of another person is involved and I do not want to give details, I do not want this letter attributed to me. But I feel strongly that 'unplugging' leaving the phone behind when you leave the house etc.. as your guest was strongly advising are entirely misguided and very unfortunate - you may never know when you need help or can help another in time of need.