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In this episode of "On Being" Krista Tippet is discussing with author Sherry Turckle about the impact technology is having in our society specifically when in comes to the dependency on it to run our lives. She says that it is affecting our personal lives which leads to it being an overall civic issue where technology has changed the substance of our days and how we relate with ourself, our children, family, and friends. Technology is very convenient and has changed our lives where we can accomplish daily task more efficiently and giving us easier access to more information than ever before. In addition social networks gives us an opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends we seldom see in addition to those of similar interest. The back lash of this is that it has consumed our lives where the more efficiently we accomplish task, the more task get added to our list. The more information we can access the more we want to know and the more we can connect with others, the more we are interested in what's going on in the lives of others. This leads to us being a society that is ran by the demands of technology and as oppose to us dictating what technology does for us. Turkle refers to phones as being "phantom limbs" where people feel as if they cannot not function without it. Even to the point where they think their phone is ringing when it actually isn't. She makes the point that "if we do not teach ourselves how to be alone, we will only know how to be lonely." In this day and age technology is a necessity, but we cannot sacrifice our natural basic needs of solitude for ourselves and giving undivided attention to those that love us. Turkle found that children are often victims of parents staying constantly connected to technology making them secondary at the dinner table, parks, sporting events, etc. leaving them feeling lonely and alone. If our children grow up in this manner then it will only get worse when they become adults due to them feeling as if this is the reality. Turkle states that children need to see adults unplugged in order to know this is possible to live life without our devices. We as a society have to take control of our lives and not allow it to be ran by the constant need to check our phones, watch social networks, and check our e-mails. Some of the suggestions were to take a social network holiday or declare e-mail bankruptcy. Whatever the strategy if we want to stay in touch with the core of our being and the moments that continue to shape or society we have to continue to treasure those moments we are allowed to just "be" and not allow technology to totally consume our being.