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One thing that I found interesting was a study that showed teenagers can feel when their mobile phones are ringing even when the phone is in their locker. This shows how important cell phones are and how people love their phones nowadays. To me, I think phones are good, but it is also sad to think that friends who are sitting next to each other are texting instead of talking. I think this is not good because interpersonal communication is way better than just words on the screen without and tone, pitch, and facial expressions.

Another thing that struck me is that Sherry Turkle pointed out since computers came out, kids don’t care about whether they are communicating with a live person or not. They don’t think it is important to have face to face communications. Also, I thought this showed how teenagers are using their cell phones or other devices too much which drives their parents crazy. But, it was actually surprising to hear that adults use more technology and that they don’t communicate with their children. “It ended up that it was a story of parents — as much a story of parents leaving their children feeling lonely and alone and modeling the very behavior that they came to find irritating in their children.”

I learned that as a parent or an adult, we should be a model to the younger generation and that it is okay to go somewhere without our phone. Because we are on the phone all the time and have no time to care for and communicate with our family, the children will adapt our behavior and ending up disconnected with their families. I think it is something important to do as an adult to model good habits and behavior.