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During a group reflection and dialog on the importance of relationships in healing, I had a moment of clarity which resulted in this poem which I offer to anyone who finds it useful. I use it when teaching coaching skills as a way to capture what we mean by presence. The group was sponsored at that time by the John E. Fetzer Institute as part of its exploration of Relationship Centered (health) Care.
The sound of my own silence

I listen for the sound of my own silence
and cannot find it.
Clanging thoughts and images shroud
every crevice of my heart.
My mind is full of distractions:
the voices in the hall,
the pretty feet of the woman next to me,
a distant bird, a plane, the tea kettle,
the sound of pens and paper stirring,
a bell some where else
calling someone else
to their work.

I listen to the sound of others’ breathing.
(Near me there is a doctor
who knows the sound of her patients’
more than the sound of her own heart.)
but here is also my own silence.

Just now there was a moment
of peace between two thoughts,
a second or two when
I connected without thought -
with the food
left on the table
the fragrance of a flower
and scent of some soft perfume.
My own silence
From which my senses
Touch the world.

Copyright 2006 Samuel P. Magill