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If I may be so bold, this was one of the best On Being episodes I've ever heard. My husband and I literally sat in our vehicle outside the restaurant we were to enter an hour earlier just to listen in its entirety. It explained so much about my youth that I never understood, but witnessed first-hand. My grandfather being refused a seat on the school board because we were enrolled in Catholic school. Those cutting comments I experienced as a child from the local business owners (it was a small town and we were Catholics). Why my great-grandparents, who were straight off the boat from Ireland, were so devastated when one of their daughters married outside the parish to a--gasp--Protestant. Our burning barn, twice. As I grew older, I convinced myself that we didn't experience these things; that they were simply the overactive imagination of someone who would become a writer. My only regret is that i didn't hear this program sooner so that I could have talked to the people who actually experienced this as an adult. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.