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This is a very thought-provoking piece. Paul, this struck me as resonant with the work of the great philosopher and theologian, Paul Tillich. In his work entitled, The Courage to Be, Tillich makes the case for finding courage in the god above the god of theism. Although the book doesn't concern itself with Job, Tillich makes a nuanced argument based on a rejection of existentialism, most pointedly that articulated by Nietzsche, in favor of transcending theism, the symbols of which gave rise to so much doubt and anxiety in the first place, which in turn gave rise to existentialism as a literary and philosophical point of view. I'm no expert on these matters--a layman--and the Tillich book has been on the shelf for years until just now--but if by chance you haven't read Tillich in a while, perhaps you may find that his thinking and yours align. On my reading, Tillich takes Kierkegaard's existential attitude as a point of departure and develops his own thesis from there. Perhaps you would find another interpretation. This meditation on Job is moving.