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Greetings and Happy New Year,

For me prayer is a foundation, along with worship of my faith and how I bring my faith to live in everyday life. When I was experiencing the dying and then the death of my wife about 9 years ago now, I was looking for a short prayer that might lift my spirits. I researched and found St. Patrick's Breastplate, also called the Deer Prayer (I believe) and adapted a short phrase - Christ within me, Christ around me, Christ beside me. I could say this prayer while stopped at a traffic light, grocery shopping and helping me sleep. It was also, for me very visual. I would often try to 'see' Christ beside me in any person who might be beside me at that particular moment.

Today, in my new marriage and life that prayer still offers peace and assurance. I treasure the words, meanings and imagery.

I am in wonder and awe of the universe and God's creation. A ceaseless prayer of thanksgiving, gratitude is so very important. Yet, I struggle with prayer. I do not spend enough time in prayer and too often while in prayer my thoughts stray so I bring them gently back into focus.

I think it is wonderful that so many people pray in any religion. I can only hope and wish that more people would spend even a few moments a day in prayer. My hope is that one day the whole world can prayer, be silent for one minute at the same time. Just one minute for all the world to know peace.

Many thanks for this opportunity to share.

Peace to you on this New Year,
Bruce Lugn

I do not have sufficient tech knowledge to post a visual. Perhaps we could sit in silence for a moment and bring an image to mind to reflect on. Imagination can be very enlightening and vivid.