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Krista, I've listened to your show for some years and I believe this is the first subject you've really gotten sidetracked into nonssnse.

To hold with the idea that prayer is just highly focused thought is painting a nontrue generality.

Prayer, and I come from the Cahtholic faith and tradition, has many parts of thanks and praise and request. It is not simply a meditation unless you're saying something repetitive like a Rosary. Take the Our Father, a standard and prototypical prayer, an example to those on how to pray. it is quite varied.

Personally, when I pray I just reach out to God regardless of the activity I am involved with, often while driving, sometimes in business meetings, and even during the middle of a conversation. So no one could claim that I am highly focused ONLY on that activity.

I think somehow you mixed up, "feeling good", through spirituality with the concept of prayer.