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I had just received a miracle in the form of a blue and white police car driving up to arrest the man who had taken his promise to love me, 'til death do us part, way too seriously. I was broken. Broke and alone. I had 72 cents in my pocket, a few clothes and my faithful golden retriever, Ellie, who had endured that five year ride through hell with me. I was desperate for help.

My sister came to get me and suddenly, I had a place to stay. A safe place to stay.

And I was broken.

I went to bed that first night desperate for peace, for a cessation of the roaring in my head that had haunted me for most of that relationship. I cried and I cried and finally, out of desperation and exhaustion, I began to recite the Lord's Prayer in my head.

I kept reciting it. Again and again.

It drove the crazy-making thoughts from my head and filled me with peace, and grace.

It still does.