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Sharing Prayer How should I pray as I bow before the Lord God today? Should I pray for the lost on life’s path that they may escape consequences wrath. Perhaps a prayer for those who lack something to eat as the morning, evening, and night they greet. Always one should pray for peace that the wars in the world will cease. Maybe I could pray like one of mine friends “awash with gratitude” for vocation, family, shelter, and food. For the better part of my career I prayed for the physically ill that with God’s healing power they would be filled. Dare I pray for the schizophrenic or depressed that God their illness would address. Can one pray only for their home land or should we pray for the world to be blessed by God’s hand. Well I suppose there are a myriad of questions about prayer so I will strive to pray for all things and people with whom the experience of life I share. VRC