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This has been a very enlightening broadcast for me. What stood out to me most was Anoushka Shankar's interview, where she said that her mother and her would chant sanscrit payers when she was a child, but they stopped because her mother believed it was up to Anoushka if she wanted to pray. This is important, because for many of us, religion gets passed on or pushed on us from our parents. We may feel the need to follow their faith because we are showing respect, or don't want to hurt them by being different.

Her second guest Stephen Mitchell is a person who spent a lot of his life studying spiritual writings and translated many books. He finds that prayer is not religious, but is when you give your absolute attention to something. This is a bit different from what I had thought prayer to be, which was more of giving praise and thanks etc. to God.

I also liked her interview with Roberta Bondi, a professor emeritus of Church History at Emory University. She says that she always tell people that there is no right way to pray. Some may believe that you must sing, be silent or like Shankar did in her Hindu tradition, chant. What's most important is finding the way you pray and working with it.