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I find it interesting that all three guests feel the same way about prayer, it's not what is said, but what is behind the message.

Anoushka Shankar says it's not the words but what is behind them. She says that a sound can be more powerful than prayer. It's the power behind the prayer, the breath, the meditation. She also states that prayer in Hindu is just a "universal energy that we pray to, and people have to put a different image on it to make it easier".

Steven Mitchell mentions that one does not need to be relgious to pray. Actions can be a form of prayer. Mitchell states that "it's what shines through the words that I really care about". I like that he says that being appreciative of everything in the present is a form of prayer. Many people say they are religious because they pray, but then their every day actions prove otherwise.

Roberta Bondi believes there is no right way to pray, "just find your way". I think what she means is not to think about how to pray, just do it. Don't get caught up in what is being said, jus feel. She says, in a way, like Mitchell, prayer is about every day life.

Many resort to prayer in a time of need or grief, I believe that any time is a good time to pray, and like Shankar, Mitchell, and Bondi believe, it is not the words themselves, but what is behind the words. I grew up going to Catholic schools and prayer was a type of memorization with no mention of listening to what was behind the words. Looking back, if I were to be taught more than just words, perhaps I would have a deeper understanding and respect of religion and prayer.