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From the December 31, 2009 broadcast of SOF: Approaching Prayer. One of the three interviewed was Roberta Bondi. The part of the interview that really caught my attention was when she mentioned the image from the scripture she's always had in her mind since she was a child was "Jacob wrestling with the Angel (God). God sneaking up on Jacob unexpectedly in the night. Prayer is long periods of ordinary shared life together with intense periods of wrestling with really serious stuff that can scare us to death, but can also bring us into real life with God and real life with ourselves into a way that we can't otherwise have it."

I find myself struggling with prayer alone at night. I feel like I'm not including everyone who's in need of seeking prayers within my own conversations with God. I need to hear and seek out to others who are in need and include them in my nightly prayers. My son and I do the "now I lay me down to sleep..." prayer each and every night before he goes to bed and I am so glad he's been able to pray along with me and also include blessings of his baby brother, and his mommy. I am including others, but he tends to question why some of these people are hurt or not feeling well. I don't want to tell him the full details of what's wrong with these people, but rather say God needs to look over them instead leaving me feeling better in the end.

I'm trailing off, but I feel it's so important to have these thoughts challenging me each day as I want to raise my children with the understanding of God, and the knowledge of Jesus Christ as well, just as my parents raised me with the same upbringing of faith. I am a Catholic, and am a God fearing man...