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I'm not interested in a God I can understand with my feeble brain. I appreciate and understand the Jesuits' comment that faith grows out of experience.

I'm a "cradle Catholic" and one of my dearest friends several years ago was a Congregational minister. His wife had passed and he became a surrogate grandfather to our children.

One "Good Friday" afternoon when Will was in his late seventies he and I were sitting at his kitchen table next to a window in his small apartment and talking about a number of things. The sky became very dark and it started to rain, and there was only a dim light from the window illuminating his face. Will became very quiet for a few minutes, and then he said; "Mike, I've been a minister for over fifty years, and I always though that by this time in my life I would have no doubts [about my faith]. But sometimes I think I have more doubts now than ever." I then had this overwhelming sense that I was in the presence of a very holy man. This experience has helped shape my faith for over twenty years.

Thank you for one of your most illuminating programs!