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I think Brother Guy and Father George will make good rivals to Click and Clack - Car Talk Brothers. They are as funny, wise and insightful as Tom and Ray :-)

I am glad Krista and her team worked hard to get them on the show. I think this is easily one of the best shows for Speaking of Faith. I just finished reading an excellent book "The Edge of Physics" that explores the current experimental work being done to detect dark matter and your program just complemented the book.

I always think of God as a wise old woman watching the religious conservatives battle out the atheists and agnostics with a big smile on her face. I am touched by Br Guy and Fr George's hunger for knowledge and understanding of this complex universe. Like me, they are in awe of the majesty of the Universe that we are such a tiny part of. I think of all the Jesuit explorers who worked in remote parts of the world and admire their curiosity and perseverance in doing "God's work" - nothing of regular politics of the Catholic church affected them.

Thanks Krista! I hope to listen to this program many times in my blackberry.