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Cosmology is a subject that became a thorn in the flesh of church leaders precisely during the time of Galileo. Many church leaders did not agree with his findings and this issue landed him in trouble subjecting him to house arrest. Besides all this Galileo was proven right by the discovery that ensued in seeing the large picture of what human beings did not know beyond earth, sun and stars. Theology teaches us that the universe came into existence by not happenstance by God's word on day one. Skeptics will dispute this for reasons that they believe are genuine. On March 13th, 2011 Krista Tipett interviewed Brother Guy and Farther George Coyne, Jesuists astronomers based in the Vatican Observatory. Their argument was that we are surprised by the creation of the universe, its beauty and state of being. I could not disagree more with them that it is the human mind that is curious to know what encompasses the universe. There is too much information that has been discovered since the time of Galileo and there is much more that is yet to be unlocked. Human beings have turned to science and the knowledge therein to understand God's work. Take the sun for instance. Scientists have determined that the energy from the sun is used by plants during a process called photosynthesis. The sun as we know is a good source of vitamin D. Scientists also have found out that it causes skin cancer. The unanswered query is why God created the sun and yet it causes skin cancer? Galileo once remarked that mathematics is the language that revolved around the knowledge describing the earth. God thus, created the universe in a way that he understood things to work and human beings use science to play games with God but God is ahead of the game. The state of being of tectonic plates has been found to cause earthquakes and volcanic activites as a result of tidal forces from the moon. This is something human beings(scientists) always find themsleves at odds with God's work. Many people have lost lives and sufferings of biblical proportions have been experienced thus far. From the book of genesis we learn that God gave man a directive to live on earth and use the earthly possessions for his own good. I can't tell you how much money has been used to find if life exists in other planets. It ranges from billions to trillions of dollars. Each time man has sent a satellite or robots to other planets for life explorations, results have always turned negative. We will try to study God and his cosmologic endeavors but we will always find ourselves whence we started. Translation: wait for God to tell us why he created the universe the way he did and for what purpose. Is it for beauty or other unknown purpose that man cannot extrapolate?