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Autism is often misunderstood. People do not open their mind or seek the truth but rather usually grasp onto what tidbit they have heard from others and used that as the complete truth without doing their own research.

The Autism and Humanity with Paul Collins and Jennifer Elder I found extremely well put together. Parents of a boy diagnosed with autism were able to speak and naturally describe this one child with autism. There were able to look inside themselves and be able to attempt to understand what their son Morgan was thinking. The conversations about their life with their son is most interesting information (and I have 3 boys with autism). My favorite quote is "his normal had been normal to them" is exactly how I feel in my life with autism in it.

Paul Collins does a very good job explaining some of the details of autism. He explains things that he has noticed with Morgan and shows reasons for why these things are the way they are in children on the autism spectrum. He tries to explain the way they prefer to interact with others by explaining their need for total focus in every day terms we can understand. Lack of theory of mind is a hard thing for most people to understand, Autistic children do not understand the theory of mind which neurotypical children seems to understand like magic. Being able to understand that others around you do not think like you and have beliefs, desires, knowledge etc. that you do not have. He also explains how the single mindedness characteristics are normal in a household with an autistic child. The child continues daily to be fascinated with one subject, watch the same movie over and over again or collection of something like Thomas the Tank sets because that is an overriding goal for a child with autism.

1 in 110 children today are born on the autism spectrum. These children have problems relating to others, problems with social interactions, problems with learning empathy, and single mindedness. They may have sensory issues and a intolerance of many things in the outside world. Often they are happiest being with themselves and have been described in their own words as being aliens among humans. The parents of the autistic child Morgan have spent their time teaching Morgan how to blend in with society today. At the same time, Morgan has taught them the importance of understanding yourself.

I highly recommend this broadcast as the parents were able to explain their life with autism in a nice easy understandable comparisons! Learning more about autism can make a difference to children and families in your community!