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As a college professor in Art,going on my 30th year at Defiance College,I am daily confronted with learning disabilities, my own and others. We have an Autism education program in our education division,so I interact with Autistic students on a daily basis , I also do some vollenteer work at Bittersweet Farms an Autism residental facility in NW Ohio.
My journey that I remember started when I was in the 4th grade and I was sent to psychologist for my inability to learn at the "normal" rate ,acting out , hitting as a reaction on meeting new people, even though I tested very high on IQ test, I still have trouble spelling , doing menoriziation , my social skill are what most would consider above normal, but I look at them no differently than if I was in a play , learned the "normal" acceptable reaction to what people expect , and I still play the artist card , we're suppose to look at the world a little differently, act a little bit differently. But for me it is the norm , inter-personal interactions are difficult , twice divorced, kind of a loner ,from my own point of view ,we with dissabilities are only different from the norm , and I don't respect or embrace the norm,I do embrace individuality , the right to be myself , and still be successful . I'm sure now I would be diagnosed with Ausburgers. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL , AND SHOULDNT ,many images of my work are on my facebook site