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I really enjoyed the interview about autism. I have a 12 year old daughter with aspergers and I believe my 8 year old boy has austism rather than asbergers. I will be sharing the link with my friends and groups. It was very well spoken and I believe it could help people who just don't get it.
My daughter is passionate about Japanese aname. My ex (the kids daddy) is all about Star Trek and volcanism. Their daddy has not been pleasant about me thinking he is in the spectrum. And in the past he was annoyed by me trying to get him to fill out the fathers parent forms for the assessments for our kids.
My son is having the worst time right now. The school is just starting to work with me on this though I have been asking for a long time now.
I have another son age 4 and another daughter age 10. I am also asking the school for my 10 year old to see a councilor because living with two siblings in the spectrum takes it toll on her sometimes. That would be another good subject for you all to cover. By the way, I've only understood that my kids and their daddy are in the spectrum for about two years now. It is even more recent that i am finally finding more info to help me understand.
Thank you again!
Lori Revels