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this autism epidemic is one of the most artificial and rambling non-scientific forms of scientific superstition in our society today....

i really love this program, but this episode has made me really angry. listening to these two take, what i consider, normal aspects of childhood imaginative play and pathologize it really disturbs me, as does the industrialization of this practice.

complicit with an educational industry that prizes obedience over the imagination, we are medicalizing ourselves into a species of pharmaceutically-dependent drones, and the managers of this are making money from the autism trade.

children are diverse and human beings come in many forms. autism as a diagnosis is a symptom of a society at odds with itself, with a process of reasserting inequality and oppression.

if a child loves to focus and shows an enthusiasm for culture he/she is autistic.
if a child can't seem to focus and enjoys physicality he/she shows a deficit for attention. damned either way.

our society has created an eye of a needle for individuals to pass through in order to be given the holy grail of normality. this itself is a source of great tension and existential pressure.

don't buy this autism stuff...these people are making a ton of money on a diagnosis they admit is 'hard to define'...this is not science, it is speculation, and i use that word in its most 'wall-street' sense...