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Sunday morning 8:00 am Central. Checking the on Being website to see what might be in store to substitute for church today. Decided it’s best to stay home with the dog that wandered into the yard last night and besides, the hour and a half to church around the flooded areas is expensive in money and time. I’ve only scanned the program webpage and read “The Vanishing Boy” so far. The title threw me immediately into fear. The one that always comes up whenever I have to consider any kind of medication. I thought, of course, that their son disappeared into the pill. Not. With medication he returned from the dangerous journey he was on away from “reaching out into the world and forming full sentences.” Kind of like “The nearer your destination, the more you slip-slidin’ away.” Been there, done that. Still there will be fear for me. But maybe this time it’ll be tamped down just enough to make room for a touch of trust.