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Thank you so much for this show. I cried before it even stared, just the thought of Autism and humanity in the same breath as I have often struggled with how my son is treated in this world. I have thought at times when do I get to accept my son for who he is instead of always "working on stuff" with him. He seems fine in his world, it is everyone else who is struggling. I saw the film Into the Wild several years ago ( I had read the book before that but before I had my son) and I thought "that is Graeme!", even the music written by Eddie Vedder spoke to me. My son has Asperger's and Tourette's and the show today was so validating, I kept laughing to myself because all the things they were saying were true of our family, from the genetic part (a paternal uncle has Asperger's to a grandfather who is an inventor, another is a computer and mathmatics major and a grandmother who was a conductor) to the interests, trains!!!! and machinery, how things work.

We need these people in our world and we need more compassion and a way to accommodate them and their gifts.

Thank you again!!
St Paul MN