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I found it so very frustrating listening to this story because I know that if we had a society that truly respected itself, that we would be supporting these parents in prioritizing the health and development of this child by changing his environment to truly support him, rather than trying to force him to fit into the environment he's been placed in. We, as an intelligent species, have the ability to honestly and effectively prioritize children - the future of our species - and to structure the world and our communities and homes to give them all that they need to be their best, but we haven't yet chosen to do so. I look forward to that time, a time when rather than drugging children and labeling them as "disabled" when they are not functioning as well as they want to be, we invest our resources on finding out what it is about their environment that is causing their toxicity and/or deficiency...

The irony of the parents trying to lecture this boy about how to care about others when his own needs are being neglected or even outright rejected (he obviously was traumatized by being forced to move, for example), is glaring, to me anyway.