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Hello, A praise of your show I just heard that you are going to do a show coming up about autism. I am originally from Somalia and now live in Minnesota. My son who was born here has autism along with tons of Somali American autism children born in Minnesota. According to a study done by Minn dept of health and CDC, children born in Minn to Somali parents are diagnosed with autism up to seven times higher. Now, there are tons of issues with what causes autism, do we need a cure and what kind of therapy works for each kids. However, since it was initially thought autism hit every one and every ethnic groups the same rate - this study and the rate it is hitting an oral society with non verbal autism indicates something. I thank you for doing this show and you are right that having a child with autism really teaches you to be patient, tolerant, acceptance and that no one is perfect because we all live in glass houses. Thus, no one should throw any stones because no one is perfect. Before my son was diagnosed with autism, I don't think I ever noticed or looked twice at anyone with disability and now I am a relentless advocate for them and realize that we are all human with strengths and weaknesses. Thanks again and God Bless you all. Idil - Autism Mom