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Just a comment on the autism program, which btw, turned out to be more interesting than I expected - I was going to turn it off today, but I got hooked.

It sounds like the 1 in 110 (was that it? – I had to fuss with my computer before I could type this – of course) is too low a number. Your broadcast today - & especially the autistic-like traits of so many "regular" people - makes me think that autism people is not so much a disorder or condition as possibly a SUBSET of the human population and is only a “disorder” at the more extreme end of the spectrum.

The semi-tuned out aspect sounds like a lovely state, frankly. I wish I could retreat into that most of the time in today's world.

I would like to learn more about the autistic-like traits in the larger population. Can you point me in the right direction, please?

Japanese anime is hugely popular with teens & twenty-somethings. Interesting.

(Regarding the question below that seems to require a response - it's not really a story is it?)