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Your last on "Autism" was a poignant piece. I'm a child psychiatrist who's learned to work successfully with Michigan's "most troublesome" children (felony offenders in placement). My goal has been to help them understand how they became evildoers, my knowing that these are kids who were tortured when they were very young. Thanks to my father's Irish whit from a straight face, humor, when appropriate, served to break the ice and give these kids some distance on their awful histories.
More recently I've been privileged to work with "autistic" kids. As your remarkable show revealed, putting persons in artificial boxes makes no clinical (human) sense. Being an expert with murders and father rapers and not with "autistic" kids, I've discovered that humor works with many of these kids who are not supposed to have reciprocal social exchange with others.
I never thought of Glen Gould as autistic; just as bizarre! Neat show.
The human approach to others in the way the authors and you reviewed "autism" works just as well to all and each of us. It's humbling.