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Hello, All,

Last Saturday night, I set my alarm so I would be sure to be up in time to listen to Krista Tippet's show on Autism.

I have two adult sons with Asperger's and I was anxious to hear others explore the depth and meaning of Autism - for individuals, families and society.

Although I enjoyed the interview with the couple who have an autistic son, and I loved reading Tim Page's article, I found that this show did not take me to the inner depth of exploration that so many of the 'On Being' shows do. I wanted to go deeper.

Why, for example, are so many of these souls coming into incarnation now? I don't want to know the physical causes, but the spiritual ones. What are they here to teach us? What are the soul lessons we, as parents, and as a society learning because of them? What does their presence reveal to us of the nature of giftedness? What are the life lessons and limits I as a parent am challenged by? How can we, as a society, make room for, nurture and encourage these souls? How is their presence changing our world?

I've thought on these issues long and hard. I have some thoughts and not many answers, but I was hoping to hear those issues explored. Unusually, for this wonderful show, I felt the conversation stayed on the surface of things...not where meaning and insight are accessed.

Perhaps you'll decide to go deeper with this issue one day.

In the meantime, keep doing the important and valuable work you do through this program. It's a time of sanity in my week that I value so much.

Most sincerely and with gratitude,
Anita Web Weaver