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Great and interesting interview. My 16 y/o has Asperger's. It wasn't identified till he was 12. But his normal was just normal...and kind of like his dad, or other people in his family who don't have aspergers or autism...just some traits. Interestingly my son LOVED trains as a child. But he did not like Thomas the Tank engine much. The animated faces on the TV show frightened him terribly. At the same time Chevron had a commercial with animated cars the commercial scared him to pieces. He could cope with toy Thomas trains on a small scale but much preferred Brio. As a young teen he knows fellow Asperger teens who enjoy Japenese Animation. Again my son does not really like it. He is too old to be upset by such things, but it is interesting that as you say it's a common obsession but one that he doesn't share...even though he is quite aware of the interest. He has mainly out grown the train interest though unique train events or stories always interest him and he remains very knowledgeable about trains. Now days his interests run toward computers particularly soft ware, animation, web design. He is great at providing tech support to me and others. He is never critical of others lack of knowledge but doesn't understand why some find simple techy activities so hard. The other great thing about my son is that he has totally embraced being a geek...which in some circles is quite cool now. And if the other kids don't understand his geek qualities, he doesn't care much.