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Ideas can be expressed in many forms, many types of languages. This program addressed spoken and written English and jazz. If I could say what I feel in jazz it would sound like Coltrane's outrage in a song like "Alabama". To say it in words, it's this: I can't see any value in anyone, black, white, blue or green, taking pride in identification with ancient Egypt or those monuments to slavery, the pyramids. It was a culture of slavery. Next I detest the presumption that Muslims in the Middle East are oppressed, and the unspoken subtext, that Israel is the oppressor. Next I detest the idea that Louis Farrakhan is anything but a racist thug. Next I don't like hearing phrases like "you know" and "in terms of" thrown into statements hundreds of times an hour. Next has Mr. Miller ever heard of Darfur where Arab Muslims are oppressing, killing, raping black Africans? Finally Ms. Tippett should understand that jazz isn't random or disjointed or pointless, it is quite focussed, logical, and meaningful. Cliches and empty phrases that mean nothing are not much appreciated. Sorry to be brutal but it's the truth as I know it.