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Miller's phrase, ‘…to think about blackness. Not the color of my skin but the color of ideas’ means to me that all people, if they permit themselves, can benefit from acknowledging the cultural, social, and global impact of contributions made by people of color based on the contributor's talent, perspectives, ideas, body of work, worldview and experiences.

For example, I grew up in the rural south. There were unspoken rules of engagement between Black people and White people. This was a common experience by both groups within one community, but each group had different perspectives and expectations.

One mutual experience and expectation in this community was, on Friday night during the high school football season bigotry, class-ism, racism, and other ills were magically and subconsciously forgotten. Why? because a larger and mutual enemy had arrived on the scene... the opposing football team. Community members rooted for the HOME team. Black and White shouted together in one voice of support, rather than with two opposing voices against one another. The subconscious acknowledgment was, "this is our team, these are our boys."

Descriptions were heard in the stands like that fella is super fast, number seventy-one is a man-child he's so big, that kid can catch a bullet. The contribution of these Black teenagers was being acknowledged by Whites, not because of their skin color. In this case athletic ability was the recognition factor because it was this ability, of these individuals, which produced winning teams and community pride.

When the human race pulls together in community around ideas, e.g. producing a winning team, then we can see the value of each contributor. Then we can relate to one another with mutual respect and appreciation.