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Black and Universal with E. Ethelbert Miller really put Obama's presidency into a different light for me. I feel as though I'm surrounded by people who think that upon Obama becoming President, things like racial inequalities are going to start dissolving. Although his achievements are definitely great I hope that people really aren't under this impression. He may be a big symbol for black society but he doesn't show that the inequalities aren’t present anymore.
As Miller pointed out "it's like using a ruler as the wrong measurement." Obama doesn't really represent a post-racial society, but more that white people in the United States have changed. That Obama isn't the way to measure black advancements in society but rather the changes in white people. I loved it when Miller said that if he turns out to be a bad President then it will be because he wasn't qualified, not because he's black. And I whole heartedly agree with this. We need to stop viewing people as they are just by the color of the skin. Just because the President is black doesn’t make him any different than any other President.