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Millers view of blackness Matthew Lewis Feb 14, 2010 11:45 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did think that Miller had some very interesting ideas, the best might be that religion is going to be the next big division, not race. I can see that happening, and it worries me, how do you settle a debate when no one can be proved right or wrong? I do think he underestimates the power and necessity of stereotyping in our culture. not all assumptions are bad, sometimes we don't have time to evaluate everything or everyone on their every merit. while i think he was somewhat right about Obama, he said if his presidency is terrible it wouldn't affect race relations. while I don't think it will affect directly race alone, but many more young people are following his decisions, and seeing what type of policies he supports. As more young people learn about Obama, they also learn about his opposition, he has given a face to liberals, and conservatives. They say that democrats get most of the black, and hispanic votes? So if Obama doesn't please that demographic (i don't know if he will be able to or not) but if he doesn't, that might shift how a racial group votes in the future? I was annoyed when he said that even if his policies are terrible, "he looks good doing it"(as if that should make it ok for any president to do a poor job) and that michelle will do a great job of diverting attention from the policies with her beauty?(like thats a good thing) I have seen the psychology studies that show the way children think about their own beauty based on what they see potrade in the media. So I hope Michelle being praised for her appearance helps those kindergarten kids, I just hope Miller wasn't serious about the policy stuff. Overall it was a very interesting clip, I wish they had dug deeper into any one of the topics instead of just commenting on something the switching to another topic. Thanks for another wonderful topic, Matt Big Lake, MN