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while what is said above is undoubtedly true given the level of consciousness prevalent at that time, surely today we can look at these issues differently. we have 'progressed' greatly since the days of yesterday and primarily in the understanding we have embedded in our consciousness by such teachers as Thay, the Dalai Lama, and those non-buddhists like ML King, and Bishop Tutu. When we look at the idiocy that started the first WW and its ending with the establishment of the League, we failed the world mightedly when the League members did not march in right at the outset when the Germans under Hitler moved into that disputed territory in France, the Sudetenland and Austria. We know what companies from the 'west' were in business with HItler and we also know what efforts were being made to spin the facts to incite the population of Germany. Despite this we continue to allow the same nonsense to take place and we actually don't hold those responsible despite all that we are fully aware of today. Thay's message that there is no 'us and them', there is no 'good and bad' and other examples of dualistic thinking is timely and on a day like today, Remembrance DAy here in Canada, i urge all to reflect just a little deeper and not to endorse the level of consciousness that existed in the past and which fortifies countries like the USA in their obscene spending for weapons of destructions while fighting internally over the funding for a policy of reasonably priced health care for the unfortunate ones in their midst. so when reflecting on the conflicts of the past, look deeply and within 'the other' one can clearly see oneself and ask oneself when you this is seen whether your cell in the body of life is going to repeat the cancerous level of consciousness present all too completely in the past from days long before the Battle of Marathon. and please, please, it was the combined efforts of many around the world which defeated the forces amassed by Hitler and his minions, not just the forces of the USA.