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I was doing the dishes on the morning I heard the program, Saturday morning, WNYC 93.9 NYC. I listen to SOF program often. I just want to say that the story about the man who placed flowers on his grieving father's doorstep -- until eventually the widowed man emerged one day, really moved me to tearfulness. How the son reflected on perhaps if he had not been exposed to the teachings of THN, might have just said " forget you.." if confronted with his father's self-imposed isolation during grief.

This may seem ridiculous, but I had just rather harshly disciplined the younger of our two dogs for an infraction and thought, man had I heard not just the story of the one man, but the voice of Thay -- it was so clear, I might have not let myself be so blind and unthinking in my anger at the dogs actions.

It is not only that incident, but the simple word "mindfulness" and the descriptions of walking meditation being bolstered by an accompanying child; all in all it was a very powerful and informative program and I am now hungry to learn more about this man, who sadly, I have not heard about before!

Thank you very much, it was a real -- in my eyes and ears -- a radio triumph. Sunshine, M.