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I think of amnesia as forgetting where you came from, and how you got from the forgotten "there" to where you are today. My tradition of origin is Roman Catholic, and I feel there's a collective amnesia when I think about the story of the historical Jesus on one hand, and then the present life of the Vatican City State on the other. How did we get from the one to the other? Do we even know? Can we admit what we know, or don't know?

My discouragement with what the Roman Catholic tradition has become, has prompted me to study other spiritual traditions and other cultural stories, and find some intellectual and spiritual nourishment in these many other places. The Taoist tradition of China has been one of my "favorites" of the various traditions I have studied recently. And so, I was delighted to hear some references to Taoism, even just briefly, in Krista's program this week. I hope that Speaking of Faith will do a whole episode on Taoism some day. I think that Taoist author Solala Towler would be a great person whom Krista could interview for a discussion of Taoism.

Two things that I really like about taoism -- (1) It is one of the very few spiritual traditions which does not anthropomorphize the divine reality. The intellectual and spiritual implications of intentionally resisting the common human tendency to anthropomorphize the divine ... are profound. And, (2) it is a tradition which honors the mystery of the quietness of the divine. Not silence ... but quietness. Other religions are focused on divine words, chosen prophets and sacred texts -- all words upon words. Taoism, on the other hand, truly appreciates, honors, and reflects upon the quietness of the divine. A fresh perspective!