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Wonderful interview as always, I love the show.
I like what Mr. Harding said about the word minority. Everyone that I come across wants the same things from life, to live a good life and provide the same for their family's. The only reason any idea of race,ethnicity, minority/majority comes into play is because our media does nothing to inform people of the facts. I have met racists who say things like "the blacks are mostly criminals". And what they see on the news never contradicts their belief. I have never seen a story on the nightly news about how crime rates are the same in poor mostly white community's as in poor mostly black community's.
Maybe if the news media told folks the REAL reason there are fewer jobs and wages are stagnant, the myth that "it's the immigrants!" would disappear.
Lately I am coming to see more and more that there are no divisive issues, only misinformed people. We don't need civil discourse between people who know the facts and people who are misinformed. We need a news media that will speak the truth when a corporate/rich people friendly politician spouts some lies to try and divide people into groups like, republican/democrat, white/black, american/immigrant, or,minority/majority.
The extremely wealthy are the only minority in America, and the only way they can push their agenda is to keep people divided and misinformed.
Keep the truth coming, and thanks for the show.