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I love your shows. It used to be a difficult decision to make among Dharma talks at the Zen Center, Unity Christ Church services, Speaking of Faith episodes, and whether an entheogenic experience was appropriate that Sunday. I'm glad to have a computer now to listen to podcasts of past shows as well as finding out there's another airing of the show in the evening.

"Curiosity over Assumptions" was a delight as well and made me wonder how much the Christian community has Intra-Faith dialogues. I'm sure there's some, the closest I've come to personally is when I've met other like minded Christians (and those raised Christian) who attend Zen/Buddhist, Metaphysical Christian, Advaita Vedantic/Yogic, groups, center, and places of worship. I think if representatives of each grouping calling themselves Christian got together asking what do we have in common and how do we relate with those not identifying themselves as Christian, there would be quite a stir, hopefully epiphanies and assurance of our Universal Atonement. Interestingly, from a certain yogic view, the same "God-force" incarnating as Krishna, also did as Buddha and Jesus Christ, ultimately, as all awakened/awakening beings. In zen, deluded Buddhas are beings, awakened beings are Buddhas. My assumption is the Golden rule would be one of the most uniting principles for Christian s of diverse backgrounds. Having been born pagan, raised, baptized and confirmed Christian, then embracing an Agnostic/Inter-Faith/Meta-Neopagan/New Age/Buddhist/Yogic/Entheogenic/Oneirogenic/Integral approach to religion/faith my head and heart spin at times and I wish everyone could level up a bit (or deepen their wells). I still draw on some of the biblical scriptures though I think the best is often mirrored in other scriptures/texts often, sometimes in better ways. Meditation and living wholeheartedly is what I find essential.

The scripture "faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love" 1 Corinthians 13:13 appeals to me as describing the three levels of divine experience, though I'd start with hope (for something more than the mundane suffering), then faith (some sense that there is something beyond suffering of which we are a part), and love (that which relieves suffering and show unity of peace, wisdom, kindness). Love is the greatest because "God is Love" 1 John 4:8. Love which created and sustains us, is what we are. By loving we practice realizing that which we are and that ultimately nothing is separate from us, thus comes "the peace that passes all understanding" Philippians 4:7.

I love this line from A Course in Miracles, a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. I believe that people both fear and desire that experience.

Just for amusement and edification I offer this quiz the Belief-O-Matic˙
its Warning: Belief-O-Matic˙ assumes no legal liability for the ultimate fate of your soul.
Have fun, enjoy this moment :)

Namaste and blessed be,
David N. Alexander