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No mention of Jewish violence but Miss. Tippet explictily asked the Muslim woman about reaction to Muslim violence. I thought that the Muslim woman always responded very well to all the questions put to her.
Miss. Tippet herself spoke for a large percentage of the hour, disappointingly.
The imbalance of power is too great between the Jew and the Muslim. For example, it is the Jews that dominate publc radio broadcasting and also higher education teaching positions in this country and also the book trade, so they control what I can and can not read! What do the Muslims at this time dominate in America?
Much of Miss Tippet's contribution was concerning "us vs. them". If this ying/yang male/female tension did not exist then people would not have much of a motivation to do anything. I thought that in Christianity I was told that God gave me others so that I could learn about myself, actually at the momment I do not quite remember the exact teaching! Much is made in both of these traditions about cleanliness and dirtiness. This is not within my personnal experience, I have never really known the Muslim family or the Jewish family, although I have tried to meet them. When I have met them it was always within an American context which reminds me to say that this program exemplifies that this Muslim/Jewish peaceful relationship very much uses the English language.
Thank you for the show.