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we are a jewish/christian family, since 2 sons married catholic girls and 1 son, a jewish girl. my daughter is divorced. we have been celebrating chanukah and christmas together, giving appropriate gifts, for 20 years until last year. my son decided that he no longer wanted to celebrate the holidays together as long as there was an exchange of gifts. he no longer is part of the family's shared holiday festivities.
at passover last year he refused my daughter when she asked if she could come to his seder, saying, "why is this night different than any other).
the only reason for his refusing her, it seems, is because she's an atheist. she is a special needs sister, who never gave him reason to treat her in that way. the prior year he hosted passover to an indian family. he has not been attending temple and it's not fitting his personality to behave this way. i cannot get through to him that the family is suffering because of his alleged jewishness. his wife is very involved with temple and i'm sure gives strong input to her family. religion has destroyed a fine family.
any comments and input would be greatly appreciated.