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Your interview about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur somehow managed to miss one of the central ideas of holy days. That is that each sin that a person commits against another is really 2 sins, one against that person and one against God. In Yom Kippur, we confess our sins to God. God in turn will forgive our sins against God. However, the key point is only the person against whom we have sinned can forgive that sin. We are instructed to go to those against whom we have sinned and seek forgiveness. This means that we must take personal responsibility for our sins, and then take direct action to try to rectify those sins by going to the person most harmed by our sin.
Speaking of Faith missed a great chance to explain this to non Jews. Many of my non Jewish friends think that somehow Jews can freely sin during the year, and then God will wipe it clean at the end of the year. I try to explain that God does not wipe clean our sins against others, so we must directly confront those people and ask forgiveness.

It is truly disappointing that the Rabbi in your interview missed this central theme of Yom Kippur.