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I was moved by Rabbi Sharon Brous. I feel a connection to what she had to day. It brought tears to my eyes. I was reared in the Catholic/Jewish traditions. My Father being Jewish and my Mother Catholic. I later became a member of the Episcopal Church. My Dad attended church with all his six children since he and my Mother were raising us as Christians. My Mom had a disposition from "The Pope" to get married and the streets of Knoxville were lined with people to get their first look at a "Real New York Jew". They were of course looking for his horns and tail. They married in Knoxville on April 6, 1946 and were married 62 years until my Father's death. Two of my brothers died at young ages and my parents could not grieve together because of their beliefs. They allowed each other their right to practice their own faith. I remember all my parents christian friends always trying to "Save" my Father. My friends tease me and call me a "Ca-Jew". I have never tried to convert anyone to my belief. Now I have friends begging me to come to Bible study with them. I do not feel the connection that they feel. I did feel a connection to what Rabbi Sharon Brous had to say and I am going to visit my Jewish roots. I feel a stong pull in that direction.