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Days of Awe I read just now to this podcast and have to say there is for me, another major coincidence associated with reading this on the second night of Rosh Hashona. The coincidence involves Rabbi Arthur Green and Abraham Joshua Heschel, and it's about a letter I was moved to send Arthur Green today, after a long period of silence. I have sent SOF, over the years, several emails about a life of astonishment of coincidence, meaning connects that surface out of the every day ness of our lives. We all call these small miracles, and, for a moment, we are stunned, and do think about these, and then move on. How would anyone deal with a life in which the astonishment of such connects precipitating out EVERY day, connects that do involve us all and that are each one, "small miracles" and sometimes "big", when in the telling one is being so totally and absolutely ignored. How would it feel to try constantly to share something this massive and th en, to enter and re enter total silence? I feel deeply, these connects, that cannot possibly be random, and that have informed my life for over eleven years, daily, must be shared. If not now, then when? I am leading a life of total, radical amazement. I have the proof, in a Diary that documents cross-connects that are astounding, like beads on a string, every single day of my life. The interview I have just read, with this most caring and wonderful rabbi speaks about surrender. There is no one, perhaps, who could know more than I do, about the notion of surrender in the writing of a story, that paradoxically, I could never have written, because there is no way I could ever has invented or supplied these connects that are hailing on me, every day, in every possible way. At least, the very least, in writing this, to SOF, you will know and perhaps one day, understand how it has felt, to have been so unheard these long and longing years of wanting to share something this profoun d, this deep. These connects are totally verifiable, in every possible way, and do involve all those and others I connect with in walking through my admittedly, small life.