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Deciphering the Davinci Code
How did present day women develop a skewed idea of women in early Christianity? Orthodox Christianity was found under a controversial and diverse process that was formed into a definitive measure of which we gauge our morality. Canonization began refining the scriptures into a specific view of who Jesus might be. Jesus' character began to become a gateway of obedience towards God and a symbol of humility to people who believed in him. There was an ability to understand Jesus throughout the scriptures from a variety of ideas that gave us more understanding. Gnostic writings did not just define Jesus to the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It gave an older and broader view of the unrefined original meanings in texts about Jesus. The new Testament was closed off to the interpretation about women, there was a capacity to authority and functionality of women that was part of the culture in the second century. It began to be interpreted incorrectly as the role of women in society changed, leaving the role of women in the Bible a modern misconception.

Mary Magdalen was suggested to be one Jesus' closest comrades and most influential followers. Bernadette Bruten proved a biblical cover-up that indicated that women in the early church were relatively uninfluential and subordinate characters. Rather, scholars had translated hesitantly about women and often manipulated the texts to be more popular to the people that would be reading it. She proved that there were women in the early Jewish synagogues and leaders in pagan practices and even within the church who were influential leaders.

Luke Timothy Johnson's take on the generation gap between the insight of living faith and the communal educational process has created some contradictory practices. The new writings coming out as non canonical texts seems to strike a notion that Christianity is something we have made up. It is hard to discredit that there is a level of narrative when there has been so much influence fluxed by the interpreters and translators of original texts.

Mary Magdalen was proclaimed a woman who was close and important to Jesus. The ways in which she has been interpreted have varied from a proud and respected apostle to a vulnerable and secret lover of Jesus. This is something that opens our eyes to all interpretations of the Bibles texts, and the true meaning behind the words in scripture.